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The Lee King Foundation holds the annual Lee King Benefit Tournament which is a growing fund raising event for research of Niemann-Pick Disease, founded in honor of Lee King. Lee the oldest son of Jimmy and Melissa King, was diagnosed with Niemann-Pick Disease Type-C at the age of 6. From the very begining of learning their son had this terminal illness, Jimmy and Melissa have sought ways to raise funds for NPDresearch. Sam Williams a fellow church member and local fishing guide, started the Lee King Benefit Tournament in 2000. Along with Captain Williams, his wife Polly, Jimmy and Mellisa, a host of sponsors and many volunteers, this tournament has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for research of NPD. The tournament and accompanying activities have not only raised money and awareness for NPD - it has changed the lives of many adults and children. It has been an avenue for many to present their testimonies on the love of Christ, bringing many to the saving grace of Christ.


The Lee King Benefit Tournament is a voluntary non-profit organization, the donations and proceeds from all LKBT events are used to fund medical research grants awarded to qualified research teams that are determined and dedicated to finding a cure for NPD.


Niemann-Pick Disease is actually a small group of diseases. They all work at a genetic level and most prove fatal at an early age. There are three types of NPD that are most common. NPD Types A and B are caused by the deficiency of a specific enzyme activity within cells. Absence or improper functioning of this activity will kill cells, causing major organ systems to malfunction, Type A is more severe. It leads to neurological damage and death, usually by age three. Type B, caused by the same deficiency in enzyme activity, is different because it had little or no neurological effect. Type B patients can survive into late childhood and even adulthood. Type C is a completely different variation. Patients are not able to properly metabolize cholesterol. Consequently, high levels of cholesterol are found in the liver, spleen and brain. This can have a number of effects including jaundice, abnormal speech, loss of muscle tone, as well as impaired learning and intellectual development. Like all other forms of NPD, Type C is always fatal.


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